NovaComm provides turn-key design services and expertise to integrate Bluetooth technology in a variety of application environments all along your product cycle: Feasibility evaluation, Design Consulting, Customized Development and Maintenance.

NovaCom’s robust technology, solid RF expertise and skilled customer services ensures to reduce design uncertainty and launch your highly competitive products to market in an extremely short time.


Our expertise about wireless technologies, RF architecture and protocol stack will help you evaluating the feasibility. We contribute to optimize your product design under the constraints of size, power consumption, development time and cost.


Our flexible, highly integrated module aims to address the best in class RF sensitivity and outstanding power consumption profiles. Evaluation Kit will provide complete environment to evaluate the complex modules. Customer’s engineers can easily consolidate their applications development successfully under our powerful NCCI software interface.


Our skilled and accountable application engineers will guide and assist during the integration of our technologies into your products. Our veteran R&D engineers are thoroughly delighted to help customer to review their circuit design on request.


We maintain the iNOVA firmware updates and design in the some new features if feasible during the project mass-production.Please fill in the fields below and our technicians will contact you for more information about our Bluetooth products.